Accrual of leave

The annual accrual of leave for full-time employees amounts to 232 hours per year. If you have part-time employment, you accrue leave on a pro rata basis.

Staff members who were entitled to age-related leave on 31 December 2012 will maintain this right until 1 January 2018. The amount of age-related hours has been capped on the 2012 level. Staff members who entered into employment on or after 1 January 2013 are not entitled to age-related leave.

If you enter into employment during the course of a calendar year, you are entitled to a proportional amount of leave hours. A proportional adjustment will also occur if your number of weekly working hours changes.

Taking leave

If you want to take up leave, you can request this through the 'Application for leave' web application. You can find this web application under ‘My UT applications’.

In general your faculty or unit will grant your application for leave. However, if the interests of the organization necessitate it, the faculty or unit may decide that you cannot take up leave during the indicated timeframe.

You will usually take up your leave hours during the calendar year in which they are accrued. If you think that you will not take up all your hours accrued during a calendar year, consult with your manager on reducing your remaining hours in a timely manner. This can be accomplished, for example, by planning a leave period, entering hours in the Optional model for employment conditions or temporarily reducing your weekly working hours. If you have not made any agreements on this by 1 July of the calendar year, the faculty or unit can determine a holiday leave period for you lasting a maximum of four weeks. You may carry any remaining leave hours that you do not take up by the end of the current calendar year over to the next calendar year. These leave hours will lapse if they have not been taken before the end of the following calendar year.

Illness and leave

If you have been ill for a longer period of time, you will accrue the same amount of leave as a colleague who is not ill. However, leave hours that you accrue or turn in because of the flexible work hours scheme are exempted from this. The accrual or reduction of these hours stops after six months of sickness.

During an illness, you will continue to take up leave if you are capable to do so. This is usually the case. If you have been admitted to a healthcare institution, are confined to your bed or are no longer able to perform daily tasks independently, you will not be required to take up leave.

During an illness, you will still request leave through the 'Application for leave' web application. The number of hours that you take up is equal to the number of hours which you ought to have worked, had you not been ill.

Dismissal and leave

If you still have leave left on the date of dismissal, these hours will be paid. In case of full-time employment, the UT pays a maximum of 120 leave hours upon dismissal. In case of part-time employment the UT pays pro rata the number of weekly working hours on the date of dismissal.