As a member of UT staff, you may be eligible for educational leave. The aim of educational leave is to positively influence your performance within the UT or improve your career prospects. You can use the leave to follow an educational programme or course, to exchange or refresh your knowledge or to gather specialist experience within a specific subject area.

You may only be eligible for educational leave if you have been employed with the UT for at least five years and if you have a permanent employment contract when the leave is to commence. To be eligible for a new period of educational leave, you will again need to have worked at the UT for five additional years.

You can take up to a maximum of three months' consecutive educational leave if you decide to use all of your working hours for the purpose of studying, but it is also possible to take educational leave whilst continuing to work part-time. That way, you can take up leave for a longer period of time. Your request needs to be approved by the faculty or unit.

The UT will continue to pay out your salary during the educational leave. In addition, your faculty or unit may grant an allowance to cover expenses related to the leave, such as education expenses and travel and accommodation expenses.

You need to apply for educational leave with your faculty or unit no later than three months before you wish to start the educational programme. You also need to submit a study plan which you are to prepare in consultation with your manager. This plan should include what exactly you want to do during the educational leave, which expenses will be incurred and how the leave relates to your work at the UT. The plan needs to be approved by your faculty or unit.

For more information refer to the UT Regulation Paid Educational Leave.

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