Objection and appeal

Appeal procedure

Should you find yourself in disagreement with the decision taken by the Executive Board on your letter of objection, you may appeal this decision in court within six weeks following its issue. Appeals lodged too late will in principle not be considered. Public service law appeals are tried by the court's Administrative Law Section. Your appeal is to meet certain formal requirements. An appeal against a decision of the administrative court can be brought - within six weeks following the date of decision - to the Central Appeals Tribunal.

The court will assess whether the Executive Board's decision meets the principle of reasonableness. The court therefore does not consider whether it would have come to the same decision itself. Appeals procedures therefore fundamentally differ from objection procedures, which involves a full re-assessment of the contested decision.

Bringing an appeal does not suspend the effect of the contested decision. This means that the decision will be executed as if no appeal were brought. Should you believe execution of the decision should be suspended, you may apply the court for injunctive relief.

Costs are associated with bringing and conducting appeals procedures.

The Dutch judicial system website contains information on appeals procedures.

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