Practical Information

Practical Information

In principle, the University of Twente does not provide any allowance to staff members travelling to work by car. Only in the three cases described below there is a right to an allowance for car costs. In all cases in which a so-called car allowance is granted, the maximum reimbursement is € 44.47.

Working at unusual hours

Some staff members of the University of Twente work during unusual hours. Consequently, it may be impossible to travel by public transport. If this applies to you, depending on your place of residence you can be entitled to a car allowance.

Using your own car for business purposes

There may be situations in which you have to use your own car to perform your tasks. For example, if you use the car for driving across the grounds and reason receive a reimbursement for this. The consequence of this is that you are required to travel to the University of Twente with this car. In that case, depending on your place of residence, you can qualify for a car allowance. Of course this does not involve situations in which the use of your car is only required incidentally.

Medical necessity

There may be situations in which you are unable to use public transport for medical reasons. In such a case you are entitled to a car allowance. Executive Board first asks the advice of the Stichting Arbodienst (the working conditions service) Drienerlo on the medical necessity. If you already receive a car allowance from another institution (e.g. the ABP, the General Pension Fund for Public Employees), you are not entitled to an allowance of the University of Twente.

Level of the allowance

Depending on the place of residence, in the above cases only, you are or are not entitled to a car allowance. The level of the monthly allowance is determined by the travel distance to and from the University of Twente.

Boekelo, Borne, Delden, Deurningen, Enschede, Glanerbrug, Hengelo, Lonneker, Losser, Oldenzaal, Overdinkel


Almelo, Beckum, Bentelo, Denekamp, Goor, Haaksbergen, Hengevelde, Ootmarsum, Rossum, Weerselo

€ 20.87

Aadorp, Albergen, Eibergen, Enter, Geesteren, Groenlo, Harbrinkhoek, Markelo, Neede, Nijverdal, Rijssen, Tubbergen, Vriezenveen, Wierden, Zuna

€ 39.48

Borculo, Hellendoorn, Holten, Kloosterhaar, Lichtenvoorde, Lochem, Winterswijk

€ 44.47

See for more information the UT Regulation Removal Allowance.

If you do not qualify for a car costs allowance for commuter travel, if you wish, under certain conditions, you can convert part of your hours leave and/or gross salary into a tax-free travel allowance commuter travel. For more information click on the Optional Model Employment Conditions brochure.