Practical Information

Practical Information

Staff members with temporary employment who live more than 30 kilometres from the University of Twente, are entitled to an allowance in the commuter costs by public transport. The allowance is based on the staff member’s place of residence at the time of the commencement of employment. In case of a move towards the university, this allowance will be lower depending on the new distance to the university (if this is less than 30 kilometres, the entitlement to an allowance will end). In case of a removal further away from the university the allowance will not be increased.

If you travel 1st class, the allowance amounts to 75% of the costs of public transport. If you travel 2nd class, the costs are fully reimbursed. The reimbursement is paid upon submission of the transport ticket and applies to the complete travel distance, all types of OV public transport passes (train and bus) and the total duration of the temporary employment.

See for more information the UT Regulation Removal Allowance.

If you do not qualify for an allowance for public transport commuter costs, if you wish, under certain circumstances, you can convert part of your hours’ leave and/or gross salary and periodical benefits into a tax-free commuter travel costs allowance. For more information refer to the

Optional Model Employment Conditions brochure.