Personal NS-BC

How to use your personal NS Business Card

The NS Business Card is for business travel by public transport only (and in some cases commuter travel). The NS-BC is NOT to be used for personal purposes.*

Before you use the card, read the terms of use.

*A personal NS Business Card to which a public transport seasonal ticket, purchased by the UT, has been linked, may be used for commuting. Use of the card for other, personal purposes is only allowed if and in so far as the seasonal ticket linked to the NS Business Card allows for this without any further costs being incurred. If you are entitled to a seasonal ticket provided by the UT, you have been notified by HR.

Travel via check in and out

You can travel with your NS-BC by bus, tram, train and metro simply using “check in, check out”.

Travel with discount

In general your NS-BC comes without a season ticket or discount. For each card, your contact person can (de-)activate a season ticket. You can check if any discount is activated in theMijn NS Zakelijk portal. If foresee a increase in your business travel, you can ask the contact person for your department to activate a season ticket.

Mijn NS Zakelijk portal

You can view and alter your travel details in the Mijn NS Zakelijk portal.

To get access you have to create an account at the login page. If you forgot your password you can also request a new one at this page.


If you have trouble logging onto the portal or you lost all your login details, you should contact NS Customer service, phone +31 (0) 30 3001111, email

More information

If you forgot your card, you should check the FAQ to find out what to do? If you have any questions about the NS-BC or what to do when your card was lost or stolen, you should contact the NS-BC contact within your department. .

More information on travelling with your NS-BC: If you have any questions you can contact NS Customer service by phone 030 300 11 11 or email


Your taxi trip can be booked online by logging in via Mijn NS Zakelijk. You can also book by telephone no later than half an hour beforehand via 0900 204 2000 (€0.10 per minute). Before booking, make sure you have permission to take a taxi.

The taxi doesn’t wait for more than 5 minutes. You need to book at least 30 minutes in advance. You can change or cancell up to 30 minutes before departure. If you want to travel at night between 1.00 and 7.00, you need to book at least 24 hours in advance.