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NS Business Card Overview

On this page you will find information about the use of the NS. Business Card.

The NS Business Card (NS-BC) is an OV-chip card UT employees can use for business travel by public transport (Metro, train, bus, etc.) within the Netherlands and in some cases commuter travel.

Each unit (faculty, department or service centre) made a choice to provide either personal cards or to use department cards.

Personal NS-BC

Department NS-BC:

Library & Archive (B&A)

Engineering Technology (ET)

Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EWI)

Behavioural Sciences (GW)

Loket VO (GW)

Human Resources (HR)

ICT-Service Centre (ICTS)

Geo-information Science and Earth Observation (ITC)

Management and Governance (MB)

Strategy & Policy (S&B)

Science and Technology (TNW)


Bestuursondersteuning (AZ)

Innovation Lab (AZ)

Campus (AZ)

UT-nieuws (AZ)

Facility Service Centre (FB)

Financial and Economic Affairs (FEZ)

Marketing and Communications (M&C)

Student & Education Service Centre (S&O)

For online bookings with a personal card, go to ‘Mijn NS Zakelijk’ PORTAL

Before traveling with the business card, read the terms of use


  • Travel by check in/out
  • All forms of public transport (tram, metro, train and bus) and all carriers in the Netherlands are connected to the card
  • Commuter travel by public transport provided by the UT is integrated into the NS-BC
  • No discount percentage on the standard card (discount via seasonal tickets can be (de)activated per month)
  • Valid for 5 years

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