Expect absenteeism from 6 weeks

Long term absence procedure

When the manager and/or the staff member expect a prolonged sickness absence, the manager will ask the rehabilitation coordinator to arrange for the company doctor to call the staff member to come in for a visit. This is done by way of a targeted question. In addition, the company doctor will be asked to perform a problem analysis if the doctor:

  • believes it is likely the staff member will become eligible for a benefit under the Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act/remains (permanently) incapacitated for work;
  • believes there is a real chance of prolonged sickness absence, which necessitates taking interventions to increase the staff member's remaining capacity for work or improving their chances to resume their work;
  • the workplace needs to be adjusted or fitted with facilities.

The company doctor will submit the problem analysis report to the employer in the 6th week of absence at the latest. The report is to contain the following details:

  • a clear description and an assessment of workload and workload capacity;
  • the workload capacity prognosis;
  • identified options for promoting recovery/rehabilitation.

On the basis of this problem analysis, the manager will, together with the staff member, draft an action plan. The plan is to contain information on:

  • the rehabilitation objective;
  • the ways rehabilitation can be fostered;
  • what actions are to be taken;
  • who is responsible for these actions;
  • when these actions will be taken;
  • when and how the results of these actions will be evaluated.

The action plan is to have been drawn up within 8 weeks following the initial sickness report.

The manager and the staff member will next jointly implement the plan, remaining in regular contact with each other: they will assess the implementation at least once every 4 weeks. During those contact moments, the staff member is also to report on their own efforts in working towards a return to their job. All data will be included in the occupational disability file, as will any adjustments made to the action plan. The manager and the staff member may ask the rehabilitation coordinator and/or the company doctor for advice during the process.

The rehabilitation coordinator will register the staff member with the Employee Insurance Agency in their 42nd week of incapacity for work.

The staff member will receive an application form for benefits under the Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act from the Employee Insurance Agency in the 87th week of incapacity for work. The staff member will at that time contact the rehabilitation coordinator, who will support the staff member in applying for the said benefits.

The Employee Insurance Agency, basing itself on all information provided, will determine whether the manager, the working conditions service and the staff member have made a sufficient effort to help the staff member recover and resume their work.

It is possible to reduce or extend the qualifying period for receiving the application form. Such is useful when it is clear that the staff member will recover in the short term, or when it is clear they are permanently incapacitated for work.