Expect absenteeism 2-6 weeks

Expect absenteeism 2-6 weeks

The manager and the staff member will jointly come to the estimate that the staff member will be able to return to work in the short term (for instance, within a month of the first day of absence) and that no special work adaptations or socio-medical interventions are required.

The manager and the staff member discuss what impediments there are to the staff member resuming their work and what the staff member can do to make it possible for them to return to work. Possible solutions include temporary adjustments to the work, adjusted working hours or a temporary change of work. The manager and the staff member will also draft a work resumption plan. This includes a short analysis of the problem, the rehabilitation objective and the measures implemented to meet this objective (e.g., return to previous job), including a time line. If the staff member and their manager fail to come to an estimate on when the staff member is able to resume their work, the manager may have the staff member visit the company doctor's surgery. Depending on the situation, the company doctor on the basis of an analysis determines what interventions are required to have the staff member resume their work. The company doctor will also estimate when the staff member is certain to resume work. On the basis of this information, the manager and staff member will jointly draft another work resumption plan stating a clear objective.

The analyses made, the rehabilitation plans and all actions performed are all registered in the occupational disability file.

The manager and staff member together implement the measures detailed in the work resumption plan. These measures are frequently assessed and, if necessary, adjusted, which changes are recorded in the file.

The rehabilitation coordinator may, when asked for and on their own initiative, support the manager and engage the company doctor to provide a proper estimate of the capacities of the staff member and the expectations concerning their return to work. The HR advisor may support the manager by considering what measures to implement to help the staff member return to work.

The rehabilitation process will be terminated when the objective detailed in the plan has been met. The feasibility of the work resumption objectives is to be evaluated no later than in the 5th week of absence. If the work resumption objectives have not been met, the case may be deemed one of expected prolonged absence. This means that, from that moment, the expected prolonged absence procedure will apply and that the manager, via the rehabilitation coordinator, will request the company doctor to perform a problem analysis.