Decision tree absenteeism after 2 weeks

Procedure impending long absensism

Annexe IV - I (explanation)

Impending prolonged absenteeism

If the superior and/or the staff member assess that an impending prolonged absenteeism is involved, the superior will ask the reintegration coordinator to have the staff member called up by the medical officer. This takes place on the basis of a set of directed questions. The medical officer is also be asked to formulate a problem analysis if:

  • the medical officer considers the risk of WIA (Work and Income according to Labour Capacity Act) inflow/permanent (partial) disability to be high;
  • there is a risk of prolonged absenteeism, which calls for interventions that increase the remaining capacities or the occupational rehabilitation;
  • adjustments or special facilities are needed in the workplace.

No later than in the 6th week of the absenteeism the medial officer provides the employer with the problem analysis, which will include the following data:

  • a clear description and assessment of work load and remaining capabilities;
  • a prognosis with regard to the work load tolerance;
  • possibilities for promoting recovery/reintegration.

Based on the problem analysis the superior, together with the staff member, prepares a plan of action. The plan contains information on:

  • the objective of the reintegration;
  • how the reintegration can be stimulated;
  • what actions are taken to effect this;
  • the person responsible for this;
  • when the actions will take place;
  • when and how the result of these actions will be evaluated.

The plan of action must be drawn up no later than 8 weeks after the staff member reported sick.

The staff member and the superior subsequently carry out the plan and stay in regular contact: at least once every 4 weeks they evaluate the progress. During these contacts, the staff member reports on his own efforts to resume work. All data are included in the “Gatekeeper file” including any adjustments to the plan of action. During the whole trajectory, the staff member and the superior may ask the reintegration coordinator and/or medical officer for advice.

In the 42nd week of the disability, the reintegration coordinator registers the staff member with the UWV, the Employee Insurance Administration Agency.

In the 87th week the staff member receives from the UWV an application form for a WIA (Work and Income according to Labour Capacity Act) benefit. The staff member contacts the reintegration coordinator, who will help the staff member fill in the application form.

Based on all the information, the UWV will assess whether the superior, the working conditions service and the staff member have put in sufficient effort for recovery and resumption of work.

There is a possibility to extend or shorten the waiting period for the WIA. This is useful if it has been established that a recovery can be expected soon or if permanent disability is involved.