Mobile device policy for HR

The use of mobile devices (mobile telephones, notebooks and/or iPads) is desirable for various positions within HR. Those positions involve people carrying out some of their duties when they are not sitting at their desks (consultations, telework, and inspections, for example) and people who need to be contactable because of the nature of their job.


  • In principle, mobile devices are for work purposes. However, they may also be used for private purposes. For tax purposes and in order to follow the UT regulation regarding IT use, a maximum of 10% private use is assumed.
  • Mobile devices are linked to positions. If a staff member changes jobs, then the staff member and his/her manager discuss whether the mobile devices are still relevant;
  • The total package a staff member has is reviewed when mobile devices are purchased. For example, if the staff member uses an iPad, then he/she may no longer require a smartphone and a simple telephone may be sufficient for him/her.


  1. The staff member requests a mobile device from the manager;
  2. The staff member provides arguments for why he/she requires that particular mobile device (smartphone/simple telephone, laptop/notebook or iPad);
  3. The manager takes a decision and discusses the decision in the operational management meeting;
  4. The staff member and the manager make agreements regarding the use of the mobile device and the return of it if employment comes to an end or if the staff member changes jobs;
  5. The distribution and return of devices purchased must be recorded.