For staff

ICT support

Good ICT support is indispensable for Smart Working. Many cloud services and social media are examples. This is why the UT is introducing Microsoft Lync. Microsoft Lync is a tool that enables you to work with colleagues through a virtual connection. You can communicate through Lync by telephoning, sending messages, and sharing your desktop and applications, straight from your computer, whenever you like and wherever you are.

The benefits of good ICT support are set out below:

  • Location-independent work, wherever and whenever you want (savings on office space, promotion of work from home)
  • Short lines of communication, efficient communication
  • Availability of documents: reliable and secure
  • Savings in travelling times and expenses
  • The creation of ideal workstations for knowledge workers

If you would like to have more information about the support ICTS can offer, contact Martin Bosker.