For staff

Checklist for staff (location-independent work)

If you would like to carry out location-independent work, then it is important to make proper agreements with your manager about this. For example, you should agree when you will be contactable, what opportunities there will be for contact with your manager, and so on. The following points are important:

  1. Ensure that you clearly indicate in Outlook when you will be contactable and how you can be reached. You should also fill in when you are not available to be contacted.
  2. Ensure that you have a quiet, well set-up workstation at home. If others are at home with you, make clear agreements regarding when they may disturb you (for example, only when the study door is open).
  3. Fill in the checklist for a healthy workstation first.
  4. Regularly discuss with your manager whether the agreements made are still realistic and relevant. If they are not, then work together to change the agreements.
  5. If it transpires that you are unable to keep to the agreements made, bring this to the attention of your manager straight away and do not wait until you are close to the deadline.
  6. You should also discuss anything that is unclear or any difficulties your have with location-independent working with your manager as soon as possible.
  7. Teleworkers run the risk of working long hours or of being constantly occupied with their work due to the increased interweaving of work and private life. Keep this in check to ensure that it does not cause any problems. If it does cause difficulties for you, discuss with your manager whether a course could be of help.
  8. Handle privacy-sensitive information with discretion, just as you would if you were working at your permanent workstation.