Smart Working

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

On this page we list the questions relating to Smart Working that come up within the organization (without giving the asker's name). The expertise team tries to answer these questions as clearly and as transparently as possible. If you have a question that is not yet listed, then let the expertise team know.

1. As a member of staff, am I entitled to work in a smarter way?

If you want to work in a smarter way, then we advise you to think very carefully about what you have in mind and to draw up a proposal. You then need to discuss your proposal with your manager. The agreements to be made in relation to Smart Working may relate to working from home, the procurement of a device, such as an iPad or a laptop, or working at different or adjusted times. Your manager will discuss your proposal with you and make a decision on the matter.

2. I don't think Smart Working is for me. Will I be obliged to participate in it?

No. The guiding principle for Smart Working within the UT is that the University wants to facilitate its staff, but it does not want to impose this way of working on them. If you do not need to change the way you work, then this will not be imposed upon you. Your manager also plays an important role in this. If he or she advocates Smart Working, then he or she may discuss the matter with you. However, as the law currently stands, you cannot be obliged to work in this way.