About the expertise team


Flexibility is required in terms of the support offered in order to meet the demands of the organization and with it the demands of managers, staff members and students so that work can be carried out as well, as efficiently and as agreeably as possible. This is why the HR, ICTS and Property Advice (General Affairs) departments have formed an expertise team, which will act on issues within the organization in a comprehensive way.

You can contact one of the members of the expertise team if you have any questions or comments regarding Smart Working at the UT. We will be happy to help you at any time. We also invite you to submit any suggestions you have regarding Smart Working at the UT to the expertise team so that it is best able to respond to the needs of the organization.

Martin Bosker
Specific ICT Expertise

Martin works for the ICT Service Centre as the Senior ICT Manager and Multimedia and Telecom Specialist. Contact Martin with any questions relating to ICT support for Smart Working.

+31 53 489 2333
Karen Frowijn
Specific Land & Buildings Expertise

With expertise relating to land and buildings, Karen works for the Student Activities and Campus cluster. She focuses on all student and campus related topics that are not to do with education, research or commercial knowledge transfer. With respect to Smart Working, you can contact her if you have any questions relating to working environments (for example, if you need to set up new workstations in a building or department.

Wietske Katier
Specific HR Expertise

Wietske works as an HR Adviser in the Faculty of Science and Technology. Her particular expertise lies in the area of HR issues related to the smart way of working, such as training options, behavioural aspects and appointments.