Introduction new employees

Introduction new employees

With this brochure “Welcome to the University of Twente” we tried to inform you as good as possible about all kinds of subjects of the University of Twente.

But please find our subjects below for your special attention. For more information please read more in this brochure.


More information

Employment pattern

Please fill in your employment pattern:

Staff card

As a staff member of the UT you will receive a staff card upon entering the service of the UT. You can use this to provide proof of your identity and to make use of various facilities of the UT. The staff card has many functionalities such as: sports activities; library pass University Library;

access to buildings, coffee and printing facilities.

Location and opening hours of the ICTS Service Desk
The counter of the ICTS Service Desk is open from 08:30 to 17:00 hours.

The ICTS Service Desk is located in the Citadel; the entrance is on the O&O square.

If you have any questions, please contact the ICTS Service Desk of the ICT Service Centre,

tel. 053 – 489 5577, or by email

Webapplication “my university” “Webapplicaties”. Log in with your employees number and secret password. Check your address and fill in your employment pattern. Also you will find a digital specification of your salary and annual statement.

Healthcare insurance Menzis

The University of Twente has taken out group health insurance for its staff and their family members with the health care insurer Menzis (group scheme number 20340). On registration for health insurance, you will be given a group discount. See for more information on: or on


If this is your first job with an employer affiliated with ABP, then you have six months’ time to make a number of choices: to register your partner if you are living together; to transfer pension from another pension scheme to ABP; to supplement pension. If you have any questions about your pension situation you can consult the ABP customer service. The university moreover offers an ABP consultation which allows you to talk with a pension adviser. You can sign up for this via

(choose programme).

Loss-of-income insurance in the event of disability

In addition to the “Work and Income according to Labour Capacity Act” (WIA) and the Disability Pension (AOP) the University of Twente has taken out with Loyalis a loss-of-income insurance in the event of partial disability for all staff: the InvaliditeitsPensioen AanvullingsPlan (IPAP). The premium for this insurance is paid by the university. In the unlikely event that you become disabled in the future, with IPAP you will be assured of an income of 70% of your most recently earned salary. For full disability the university has taken out a framework contract with Loyalis. If desired, within six months after you entered the service of the university, you can take out insurance against loss of income in the event of full disability at a reduced premium and without medical selection. For more information on cover, premium and registration, go to, under IPAP.

Introduction new staff members

Approximately four times a year an introduction meeting is held for new staff members. We wholeheartedly recommend that you attend this meeting with lunch. During this introduction the following subjects will be covered among other things:

  • the mission and strategy of the UT
  • The UT as an organisation and as an employer
  • The latest news on educational and research developments at the UT
  • A tour of the Campus and the Vrijhof building

For more information go to:

Optional model for employment conditions

All employees of the University of Twente can make use of the optional model for employment conditions. Via this optional model you can compile your own package of employment conditions. You can exchange certain employment conditions for others, such as travel expenses and hours of leave. Once a year you can pass on your choice up to and including September. See for more information:

Leave and illness


You can apply for leave yourself. With your staff member number and your unique password you can log on in the web application leave. Here, you can see precisely how many hours’ leave you still have left and you can apply for leave or extraordinary leave.

Ill and then….

If as a result of illness or an accident you are absent from work, you are entitled to (partial) continued payment of salary. In return you are expected to comply with certain conditions. These are described in the reporting sick procedure for employees:

Both you and your superior have an important role in ensuring that you can resume your job quickly and healthily.

Barrier swipe card around O&O square

The barrier swipe cards are only intended for UT employees whose cars are registered in their own name and address, with a postal code on the campus or the area north of the campus. For more information see:

UT Newsletter

The UT Newsletter appears every month and is intended to provide the UT staff with information on staff matters. The Department Marketing and Communication assesses what topical information may also be of interest to report. You will receive the UT Newsletter as soon as you have your own IT-account.


From the ICT Service Centre you receive a letter with your account information: your personal domain account, ICT account (staff member number) and your secret password. Store this information carefully: you will need it often!

The password is generated randomly and you must change it immediately. Your personal account information gives you access to various ICT facilities.

  1. Domain account
    The domain account and password enable you to use UT workplace systems, email, agenda and programs of the UT. More information on the domain account:
  2. ICT account
    The ICT account and password enable you to use the University Library, educational applications and web applications such as leave registration, travel expense claims, etc. The ICT account also enables you to make use of the UTnet and the university data network SURFnet from home using VPN. More information on the ICT account:
  3. The Code of Conduct ICT and internet use
    The Code of Conduct ICT and Internet use shows how ICT and

internet use are dealt with at the University of Twente. The Code

provides rules for a responsible use of ICT facilities and internet and

the way in which the use is monitored. The ambition is to find a

proper balance between a sound and safe ICT and internet use and

the privacy of the user. For more information, go to:

Library account and pass

For students and staff

As a new student or a new staff member you automatically receive a library account with your staff or college card. With this account you can manage your borrower information, make reservations and book renewals. The UT number on the card is the user name of your library account (without s for students and m for staff members and wìth the extra eighth number).

Through FindUT (university library), you can request a password. Choose Library Links and click on Borrower information.

Abbrevations list UT