Surviving dependants (ANW shortfall) insurance for UT employees

Update: Surviving dependants (ANW shortfall) insurance for UT employees. Offer: register before 1 July without medical questions.

Have you ever considered the implications for your partner's income if you die? Can your partner continue living without financial worries after your death? It is important to think about this. The University of Twente has an agreement with elipsLife for a collective surviving dependants (ANW shortfall) insurance: The ANW shortfall insurance for Civil Servants and University Employees.

There is currently an offer:  no medical questions to be answered if you apply before 1 July 2021 (this was June 1st, but has been extended by 1 month)

If you want more information about this insurance and if you want to know whether this insurance is suitable for you, please visit the elipsLife website. Here you will find additional information, such as the policy conditions that apply to this ANW shortfall insurance and how to apply. More information can also be found on the HR website.

If you want to register for this insurance, you do so yourself and you also pay the premium yourself. This does not take place through the UT as an employer. We therefore recommend that you inform yourself properly and, if necessary, seek advice from your financial advisor to find out whether this insurance is a good supplement for you.