Internet allowance for UT staff

UT staff, regardless of whether they have a part-time or full-time employment contract, will be getting a net internet allowance of €30 per month retroactively from 1 January 2021. This allowance will first be paid with your salary for the month of April.

On-call workers, UT Flex’ers, Opting-in-ers and staff who are on special leave for the full scope of their employment during the entire calendar year are excluded. For UT Flex’ers and flexible student workers, another form of compensation is being sought for the internet connection. They will receive further information in due course.

The internet allowance concerns a temporary measure that has to do with the coronavirus crisis and was imposed due to the urgent request to work from home as much as possible.

The temporary measure is expected to be in effect until 1 September 2021. However, this may be subject to change. The measure may be extended or lapse, depending on the situation and/or any new fiscal legislation or collective labour agreements that apply to working from home.

Optional Model for Employment Conditions

As recently announced during the opening of the 2021 Optional Model for Employment Conditions, for the duration, this measure is in effect, the option ‘internet allowance’ will not be available in the Optional Model for Employment Conditions for fiscal reasons.