Please note: statutory holiday hours 2020 expire on 1 September 2021

If you as an employee still have statutory holiday hours 2020, please note that these will expire on September 1st. 2021. So if you still want to be able to use these holiday hours, you must have taken them before September 1st 2021.

Via the Leave Portal in MyHR/Afas you can see whether you still have statutory hours 2020 and if so, how many.

Since 1 January 2020, a distinction has been made between statutory and non-statutory holiday hours as a result of the Wnra. Statutory holiday hours expire on 1 July of the calendar year following the calendar year of accrual.

So the above is a one-time exception. Extra-statutory vacation hours (non-statutory hours) expire 5 years after the entitlement is accrued.