The training offer of the CTD is constantly being expanded and adapted to meet the different learning needs. It is especially in this period of working and learning work remotely that we notice a great interest in (online) training courses that provide tools for this new way of working and that improve our well-being. Think of Collaborate Effectively with TeamsTime ManagementManager of Virtual Teams as well as the short courses within the online learning platform Good Habitz, where you choose where and when you want to follow them.

Do you also want to start the year well and further professionalize yourself? Look for the complete training offer, including the online platforms Good Habitz and Future learn, on the Coursefinder. The training courses below still have a few free spots:

  • Influential coaching and effective management (For WP and OBP with coordinating tasks) – First session is on 19 March 2021
    You realize your results without formal leadership responsibilities. You get insight into personal effectiveness and learning conversation skills.
  • Personal and Powerful advising (advisors) – First session is on 25 March 2021
    Advisors who want to professionally and vigorously shape their role as advisor and increase the impact of their advice.
  • Academic Leadership (WP leaders) – First session is on 15 February 2021
    You will enhance your leadership skills in a practical way. Topics that will be covered are effective communication, situational leadership, career and competence development, change management and giving feedback.
  • Scientific Integrity (WP) – One session on 8 March 2021
    In this workshop we aim to build on the knowledge of the code of conduct and general ethical and methodological principles relevant to scientific integrity.
  • Speedreading & concentration for PhDs/PDEngs - One session on 21 June 2021
    3h workshop where you learn how to read faster and how to better remember large amounts of information.
  • Constructive meetings with the board (Council members) - One session on 9 February 2021
    In this training you will learn through practical exercises to improve the preparation for the consultation with the board, to firmly ask questions in the meeting and to make clear and concrete agreements that benefit the organization.