New service for international employees

To better help international employees to start their life in Twente, the UT is organizing a special program for them on the 9th of September. All new foreign employees will be able to arrange all required formalities in one day and on one spot - directly at the campus.

Every September there is a huge amount of new employees and guests starting their work at the university. Normally, they all need to get individual appointments at the city hall, at the immigration office, at the Expat Center and so on. Because there is such a high demand, they often can’t get appointments until late September, which means they can’t get their health insurance or a bank account in the meantime. Now we will offer one service in one day, here at the campus.

The program will take place on the 9th  of September in Horst T1300. It is organized by the HR International Service Team together with the Municipality Enschede and Expatcenter Twente. Moreover, a representative of the Menzis health insurance company will also be present. The HR department will also inform new employees about possibilities regarding the 30%-ruling. More than fifty new employees are currently expected to join.

People from within and outside of the EU will be invited to come. We hope to make their start in Twente easier for them