Reminder Optional Model for Employment Conditions 2019

If you have not yet used the Optional Model for Employment Conditions 2019, and you meet the criteria for participating, then you still have the chance in July, August and September to enter sources for the Optional Model for Employment Conditions 2019 via the simulation model.

The simulation model will be closed from 1 October 2019.  

The ‘UT Optional Model for Employment Conditions’ offers the opportunity, within certain limits, to compose your own Terms of Employment package. You can enter certain Terms as a means of exchange for other Terms. These Terms are named sources and targets in the Options Model.

More than 960 staff members have already registered their choices for 2019, in which more than 2700 targets have been chosen. The most popular are Internet- and travel costs reimbursement.

Take note when Purchasing a BIKE:

If you have already made a choice for the purchase of a bike, but have not ordered the bike yet, please be sure to order the bike before 1 October!

More information
Click here to go to the leaflet of the ‘Options Model for Employment Conditions 2019’.