Scans & Assesments

Scans & Assesments


For whom?

Employees who wish to discover where their skills lie in their present job or one they aspire to in the future and who want to have the tools for developing those skills.


This assessment provides insight into one's own abilities and development points with respect to the present job or one aspired to in the future. Participants are supported by a specialized and experienced (career) psychologist.


Participation in the assessment takes place through an intake at the CDC. The assessment starts with the mapping of the various competencies required for the job. Using questionnaires, cognitive ability tests, practical simulations and an interview, the skills and developmental potential of the employee are analyzed. This leads to a reliable picture of the possibilities in the form of a report with assessment and advice. The advice to each participant is to discuss the report with the manager and/or the HR consultant or CDC adviser, but the participant, as 'owner', always has the final decision.

Duration and time spent

2 half-day sessions (total: 8 hours) implementation. Part of this time is spent filling in the (personality) questionnaires that can be completed at home.


De Wijngaert HR Services, located at Institutenweg 39 (across from the campus).


Career Development Centre HR
Phone: 053-489 8010
E-mail: Marjolein Rietman

Data 2014

Continuous (by appointment).


There is no charge for this assessment. For participation, permission is, however, needed from the manager.

Guidance counselling

Pascal de Wijngaert, experienced psychologist.


At the Career Development Centre, by the HR consultant involved and/or the immediate manager..