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Scans & Assessments

If you want more insight into your own abilities and ambitions, then the Capacity & Ambition Scan is something for you. This scan provides insight into your potential. You can discuss the results with your manager and/or the advisers at the Career Development Centre.

If you want to find out what your challenges and learning points are in your job or in the job you aspire to in the future, then the development assessment is something for you. This assessment provides assistance in determining what direction you should take and how you can develop further. You will receive a report with an assessment and advice.

Would you like to find out, with the help of an experienced external career consultant, what your special talents are, and what you can do with them, now or in the future? Talent in Beeld (Talent in the Picture) (folder only available in Dutch)is a short but powerful programme that is strongly focused on obtaining a picture of your true talents and strengths.

A scan or assessment usually involves costs. Talk to your manager to see if a scan or assessment, at this time, fits into your career orientation. For advice on which tool best fits your question, contact an advisor at the Career Development Centre..