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Jobs within the University

Are you curious about which jobs there are at the UT?

Do you also want to know what the requirements are for these jobs? And also, how many employees at the UT have this particular job? If so, take a look at the job map (only available in Dutch). Here, you can see what kinds of jobs there are at UT and whether there is anything that looks interesting for you.

It is also possible to see, in the competency map (only available in Dutch) which jobs suit your particular talents. If, for example, analytical ability is one of your core competencies, in which of the jobs would that be used to its fullest?

See the manual for the detailed explanation of both maps..

If you have seen a job that appeals to you, you can discuss it with your manager or the HR consultant.

In order to obtain a realistic picture of whether of not a particular job is something for you, it might be a good idea to accompany a staff member with that job for a day. You could also ask for feedback on the competencies associated with the desired job using a digital feedback instrument (only available in Dutch). Through the Job Alert, you are kept informed of vacancies within the UT.