Mentoring Programme

The mentoring programme offers you, as a (junior) staff member, the opportunity to reflect on your career or on working within the university in sessions with a senior staff member.

The coupling

In this programme, mentor and mentee are linked together one year. The aim is that they do not work in the same field or the same service department so that it is easy to talk about your current career path or work setting. The mentee may indicate a preference among the available mentors.

The programme starts with a kick-off gathering on 7 October 2021, where all mentees are present and where the goals for the sessions are defined. In addition to this meeting, the mentees are invited to participate in a number of peer review sessions, so they can share their opportunities, concerns and questions with people who are in the same stage of their careers.

Coaching and supervision

After the kick-off gathering you need to make the appointments with your mentor, with a maximum of four. In about four 90-minute talks during the course of that year, you discuss your work or career-related questions. As a mentee, you are responsible for the quality of your own specialization track. You decide (possibly together with your mentor) the learning objectives and the questions you want to answer for yourself during that year. In addition, your arrange the appointments with your mentor.

You can expect that the mentors share their experience with you and reflect with you on your questions. This could include, for example: how to deal with conflicting interests; how to use your network in a focussed manner to further your own research or what your next career step might be. It is also possible that issues such as work-life balance, dealing with difficult colleagues or time management will be discussed. The topics that are discussed depend on your questions.

Registering as a mentor or mentee

A mentoring programme starts every autumn. This year on 7 October 2021. 
For the time investment, the mentor receives € 200, - Euros per session, to be used by the service department/faculty. The initiative to make the appointments and prepare the themes lies with the mentee.
To sign up for the mentoring programme or to receive more information, please contact Marjolein Rietman from the HR department, extension 8010, email