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Annual performance appraisal

The annual performance appraisal you have with your manager, you look at the job performance, but also at your own development. Which competencies do you want to develop further in order to do your current or future job even better? Are you still in the right place or what would be an appropriate next step?

If you, as a manager or employee, want to be well-prepared for this interview, read the Manual for Annual Performance Appraisal. In addition, the Career Development Centre also offers tools that help in a conversation about development. This could include a 360-degree feedback instrument. (only available in Dutch), in which you ask and get feedback from all the people you work with, you manage, or under whom you work. Thus, this is much broader than simply feedback from your own manager.

The annual performance appraisal is a good time to talk to your supervisor about the commitment of the two development days from the CAO. You can use these days for a wide range of activities that contribute to your personal development and employability in the context of your current or future work.

With your manager, you can come to the conclusion that tailored-made advice is desired. If that is the case, contact the advisers at the Career Development Centre..