Individual development and the annual performance appraisal

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The annual performance appraisal is also a good time to discuss personal development. During the interview, you not only examine the performance, but also address the desired development for the short and long term.

If you, as a manager, need broader feedback concerning the competency of your staff, then there is the possibility (only available in Dutch) to deploy a 360-degree feedback instrument. With this Digital Feedback Instrument, an employee can ask for feedback from the people they work with concerning mutually chosen competencies. These could be the competencies associated with the current University Job Classification profile or, for example, the competencies associated with a next step.

In order to support you, as a manager, in the implementation of a development-oriented (annual) performance appraisal, you can always seek advice from your HR consultant. There is also the possibility to take a training course in how to conduct an annual performance appraisal (in Dutch: Jaargesprekken. Also offered in English if there is sufficient interest) and to read the online information about the annual performance appraisal..