Personal protective equipment

Health and safety signs

In several situations, organizational and technical measures are insufficient to prevent or limit the health and safety risks for staff members. A signal that will draw attention to an object, activity or a situation may then be necessary.

This Annex provides an overview of the various categories of signs:

  1. Prohibition signs;
  2. Warning signs;
  3. Mandatory signs;
  4. Rescue signs;
  5. Signs with regard to firefighting equipment.

Prohibition signs

Smoking prohibited

Fire, open flame and smoking prohibited

Prohibited to pedestrians

Not drinking water

Authorized personnel only

Water as extinguishing agent prohibited

Do not touch

Prohibited to transport vehicles

 Prohibited to persons with a pacemaker

Warning signs


Toxic substances

Oxidizing substances

Corrosive substances

Explosive substances

Inflammable substances or high temperatures

Biological risk

No-ionizing substances

Radioactive substances

Low temperatures

Danger of electrical voltage

Laser beam

Transport vehicles

Important magnetic field

Mandatory signs

Protective footwear mandatory

Eye protection mandatory

Hearing protection mandatory

Protective gloves mandatory

Respiratory protection mandatory

Safety helmet mandatory

Rescue signs

Escape route / emergency exit

Direction to follow (often in combination with a different rescue sign)

First Aid (station)


Safety shower


Signs with regard to firefighting equipment

Fire hose


Fire extinguisher

Manual fire alarm

Telephone for firefighting