Machine safety and work equipment

Since 1 January 1997, pursuant to the Dutch Working Conditions Decree (following from the Work Equipment Directive), employers have been obliged to take necessary measures regarding work equipment. The work equipment must be designed and/or applied in such a way that the health and safety of the employees is not at risk during use. The term 'work equipment' is defined as "any machine, apparatus, tool or installation used at work" and relates to "any activity involving work equipment such as starting or stopping the equipment, its use, transport, repair, modification, maintenance and servicing, including, in particular, cleaning".

Of course, there is work equipment which hardly - if at all - puts their users or other employees at risk (e.g. pens, chairs and paper clips), but work equipment which also falls under the category of machine ("a combination of parts of which at least one is moveable") may pose a risk to its users and other employees and therefore has to meet the minimum safety requirements.

On the website below, you will find more information about using work equipment such as machinery. More information about safe working conditions can be found here.