Biological agents and GMO

It is forbidden by law to acquire or work with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) without first having requested a licence with the UT's Biological Safety Officer (BVF). This licence must be applied for under the Genetically Modified Organisms Decree 2013 (Besluit genetisch gemodificeerde organismen milieubeheer 2013). Moreover, any activities in which pathogenic micro-organisms of category 2 and higher are used may only start after the Human Resources department has reported this to the labour inspectorate.

The regulations on working with biological agents and GMOs in a focussed manner include the procedures and requirements to be met within the UT when working with biological agents (e.g. human or animal materials) or GMOs. A detailed elaboration has been included in the abbreviated manual for the ML-I, ML-II laboratory (GMO lab) and/or laboratories for working with biological agents (human materials). The manual also includes information about safely working with animal materials, the GMO instruction film and hepatitis B vaccination.