Staff members

Staff members

If a staff member indicates having eye complaints due to display screen work, it is recommended to act as follows:beeldschermbril

  • Step 1: Contact the HSE coordinator (occupational health and environmental coordinator of the faculty/service department). The HSE coordinator will first inspect whether the display screen has been installed in a correct, ergonomically sound way; if this is not the case, it is advisable to adjust the workplace.
  • Step 2: If adjustments to the workplace are not possible, or if the complaints continue after the adjustments; the HSE Coordinator of the faculty or service department in question fills in the statement of approval (approval of the payment of costs and indicating OFI number).
  • Step 3: The staff member visit one of the affiliated opticians (see for overview:

The original form Fits! pc monitor glasses is to be presented at the appointment. This guarantees the correct solution against fixed prices. The costs are borne by the faculty/service department in question.

In all affiliated opticians you can choose from Fits! eyeglass frames, the choice herein is limited. If you choose for a Pearle or Eyewish optician you can also select an eyeglass frame from their benefit collection.

If in the course of time the pc monitor glasses need to be replaced (for example if your prescription has changed) it is necessary to make a new appointment with the HSE coordinators. For the correct financial settlement a new form (see also step 2) has to be completed again by the faculty/service department and presented to the optician. It is also important to make sure that the viewing distances are still the same as for the purchase of the previous pc monitor glasses. If these have changed (for example as a result of the purchase of a larger monitor) it is important to measure these new distances and to state this on the new form.

The trajectory described above ensures an objective assessment of a request for pc monitor glasses. Starting point is a model with monofocal glasses with or without extended reading range, for in more than 90% of the cases this is sufficiently effective. Only staff members who really need monitor glasses are eligible for being provided with such glasses. Following this procedure guarantees the correct solution against fixed prices. The prices Fits! Pc monitor glasses) are only available in Dutch, see annexe 3 of procedure aanschaf beeldschermbril. The costs are borne by the faculty/service department in question.

Incidentally, it is not obligatory to make use of the opticians mentioned under step 2. A consequence of this is that the models and prices as referred to in this memo, may differ and the optician may not invoice the University of Twente directly. The UT compensate, as a maximum, the prices mentioned in annexe 3 of procedure aanschaf beeldschermbril.

If you have any questions regarding this subject, you can contact the occupational hygienist at the corporate Human Resources (HR).