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Workstation dimensions

The minimum amount of space required for an office workstation is determined by the furniture required for the position, the control space and the circulation area of the workstation. Most companies have developed their own office room floorage standards, based on the number of employees and the available furniture. The NEN 1824 standard was developed on the basis of these standards. This is a Dutch standard for determining minimum office workstation floorage. The legal basis for this standard is formed by Section 3.19 of the Working Conditions Decree, which states: "The workstation dimensions and air volume are such that the employee can perform their work with no danger to their safety, health or well-being."

In addition to determining the floorage on the basis of the NEN 1824 standard, attention needs also be paid to light incidence, draught and suchlike. It may turn out to be necessary to adjust the amount of floorage accordingly.

  • Basic workstation

A basic workstation per person is the starting principle. A basic workstation consists of: office chair, worktable, screen space, reading/writing desk, circulation and movement area. The point of entry to an office space forms part of its circulation area. The use of this point of entry (including any doors) may not infringe on the movement area. The dimensions of the basic workstation for one person are as follows:

  • at least 6 m2 for a workstation with a flat panel display (LCD/TFT) or laptop;
  • at least 7 m2 for a workstation with a classic cathode ray tube (CRT) screen.

Depending on the work to be performed, the minimally required floorage dimensions may be adjusted. The basic workstation minimum floorage dimensions adjustments are as follows:

  • a table for laying out drawings: +2 m2
  • a freestanding closet: +1 m2
  • a (moveable) drawer unit: +0.5 m2
  • a meeting area: +1.5 m2
  • other furniture and equipment (printer and suchlike, filing cabinet): + actual dimensions + dimensions of use


The minimally required floorage for an office for three persons, all working with a flat panel display, with 3 freestanding closets and a printer amounts to:

3 basic workstations

6 m2

18 m2

3 freestanding closets

1 m2

3 m2

1 printer

1 m2

1 m2


22 m2

The basic workstation standard only applies to administrative workstations in use for the larger part of the day. workstations only in use for one or two hours a day, or for one day a week, do not have to meet these standards.