The UT has computer rooms available for students to perform their work. The Working Conditions Act applies to students as well. Students are to be able to perform their work in safety and good health. No defaults have been set as regard the floorage of computer room workplaces. In consultation with the Labour Inspectorate, the UT has decided on the following workplace floorage defaults: a desk of 1.20 x 1.0 m, in front of which 1 m of space for a chair and 0.5 m of space as a passageway/escape route between 2 rows of workplaces (so 0.25 m per row). In total, this amounts to at least 2.7 m2 per workplace per person.

In addition to the space required for the computer workplaces, the rooms are also to have space available for other required workplaces, equipment and tools. The floorage to be made available for equipment and tools amounts to the floorage of the tool concerned + the minimally necessary user space.

Naturally, when arranging the workplace layout, inside climate and climate perception requirements (e.g. fresh air supply per person and equipment heat emissions) should also be taken into account. In addition, attention needs also be paid to light incidence, draught and suchlike. It may turn out to be necessary to adjust the amount of floorage accordingly.