Smoking is prohibited in all UT buildings, both in public areas and in the workplace. The smoking ban also applies outside of office hours and in all buildings which are not in active use due to redevelopment. The building's head lessee (Dutch only) is responsible for ensuring that the smoking ban in the building is complied with. The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority will fine the employer for every violation of the Tobacco Act. The UT recovers the fine in full from the individual perpetrators.

All buildings display signs at their entrances indicating that the smoking ban is in effect within them. If a smoking area is available within or near to the building, the sign will state where it is.

The building's head lessee can designate areas within and outside of the building where smoking is allowed. Smoking areas are to be constructed in consultation with the Facility Department. All appurtenant costs are for the account of the head lessee. Smoking areas may never be used as workspaces. One requirement of smoking areas is that no smoke nuisance may be caused outside of them. In practice, this means that smoking areas within a building need to be sealed (for instance, by fitting the doors with door-closers) and that the air inside them is drawn to the outside, so no smoke nuisance can be experienced outside the smoking area. For smoking areas outside the building, this means that such spaces in general may not be located close to the entrance or to any windows that can be opened.