Why exercise?

Exercise has a positive effect on your health and well-being, both in the short and the long term. Exercising strengthens your muscles and improves blood circulation. Your body will take in more oxygen, making you feel better. Exercising means helping your veins and heart stay in shape. Exercising regularly will make you feel more fit and energetic. More specifically, exercising has the following benefits:

  • reducing the incidence of cardiovascular diseases;
  • reducing your blood cholesterol;
  • lowering your blood pressure;
  • positively affecting your immune system, ensuring you're better able to fight off infection;
  • reduces the incidence of diabetes;
  • keeping your weight in check;
  • improving bone and muscle strength;
  • improving digestion;
  • reducing the incidence of various forms of cancer;
  • reducing accident and injury.

Apart from these physical effects, exercising is also beneficial in the following ways:

  • you feel more relaxed;
  • you're less likely to be afflicted with stress or depression;
  • you will sleep better;
  • you feel less tired.

So there's plenty of reason to find out how you can make sure you get your 30 minutes of exercise per day. And don't forget: don't make it harder than is necessary. Any type of moderate to fair exercise is fine!