Self exercise

By choosing not to take the easy and lazy route as frequently in your daily life, you will find that it is easy to get your 30 minutes of exercise a day.

  • Walk or cycle to the shops and supermarket;
  • Travel to work by bicycle instead of by car or public transport;

You can encourage each other not to take the car whenever it's convenient by 'pooling';

  • If you cannot get to your place of work other than by car or public transport, park your car a bit further away or get off the bus a stop early, so you still have to walk for a bit;
  • Take the stairs instead of the lift;
  • Don't eat your lunch in front of your desk, but take a walk through the campus with your colleagues.

You'd rather take up sports?

If you prefer to get your exercise by taking up sports, the following tips might be of use:

  • Various sports, exercise courses and cultural courses are offered on campus during lunch and after work hours. For more information, check the websites of company sports, the Sports Centre and the Vrijhof Culture Centre.
  • Start easy and build up your exercise/sports routine slowly. If you go all out at first, you're bound to be disappointed and lose all desire to do sports or exercise.
  • Listen to your body. It will warn you in time if you're overdoing it;
  • Heavy exercise and training aren't necessary per se: duration is more important than intensity when practising sports. Exercising for a bit each day is more effective than doing heavy exercise one day per week.