Helpful tips on responsible alcohol consumption

The following are some helpful tips on responsible alcohol consumption:

  • Feel free to take a drink, but know when and how to say no or stop;
  • Do not drink too much: men should have no more than three units per day, women no more than two units per day;
  • Do not drink too much in one go;
  • Drink to enjoy the drink, not to get drunk;
  • Alternate drinks: try some water or soda in between alcoholic drinks;
  • When drinking, eat something: a full stomach reduces the speed at which alcohol enters the blood;
  • Do not drink when feeling tired or ill;
  • Do not drink when driving, before or during sports, and before or during work;
  • When thirsty, drink something that quenches first, like mineral water;
  • If you want to start drinking less, set clear rules for yourself and follow up on them. E.g.: I will only drink in the weekends and on special occasions;
  • Stop drinking completely or for a couple of days: this will help break the habit;
  • Ask yourself why you are drinking: do you have a good reason for it, or is it because you can no longer do without it?

If the above tips do not help you keep your alcohol consumption at a responsible level, ask an expert for advice.