Health Week and health check

Health Week and health check

Monday May 30, Tuesday May 31 and Thursday June 2.

It is important to be physically and mentally healthy. Healthy eating, sports and relaxation keeps you in balance. A lunch walk is a good example to achieve this; you reach your daily exercise and your vitamin D, which is good for a strong body, our resistance and mood.

“Gezond en Sterk op het Werk” (Healthy and Strong at Work) organizes a LUNCH WALK for all employees on Monday May 30, Tuesday May 31 and Thursday June 2.

The starting location of the luch walk is at the Faculty Club.

Start between 12:00-13:00h. The walk takes about one hour.

During the walk you will find on different locations activities in the field of relaxation, leisure, sports and movement. At these different locations you can take some food or a drink and so can you take your (free) lunch together.

Participants will receive a nice attention.

Register for this activity is required. Please register through
this link.

For questions you can email the organization via