Your breathing is okay as it is

Learning to cultivate acceptance through mindfulness  

Interactive lecture

Date: Tuesday 20 April
Time: 15.30-17.00h
Lecturer: Ferry de Wit
Language: English
Platform: Zoom

You hear a great deal about ‘learning to breathe better’ these days. The umpteenth trend in the field of personal development that could make you think you are not good enough as you are.

Ferry de Wit spends 90 minutes delving into this. He explores the notion of being completely okay the way you are. What if acceptance of yourself, and thus your breathing too, can actually ensure you start breathing more effectively? What if your body knowns  exactly how it should breathe but your breathing has become faster or shallower because of the choices you make and the stress you endure on a daily basis And that there is nothing wrong with this?

Using mindfulness exercises and reflective methods, we find out what effect acceptance of your inner perceptions has on your system. And your breathing? Trust that this will be okay…

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