Introduction meeting

Date: Tuesday 11 May
Time: 15.00-16.30h
Language: English
Platform: Zoom

Breathing appears to be a simple business, but once incorrect breathing becomes habitual, it can cause non-specific symptoms or in some cases, can even become chronic, with far-reaching health implications. Breathing techniques are also the most direct way to reduce stress. In the introductory lesson, we explore whether you are breathing correctly, or whether you have work to do. In the 4 subsequent lessons*, we ascertain (to measure is to know) how you breathe and what you can improve. You will learn breathing techniques that can improve your quality of life and perhaps even change it for good. Breathe effectively!

*In the introduction meeting we will examine together whether you are breathing properly or whether you have work to do.
Is there work to do? Then sign up for the 4 classes (May 18, May 25, June 1, June 8 from 3pm - 4.30pm).
After the introduction meeting it is possible to register for the course. If there is not enough space available in the course, an extra course will be organized. It may therefore be the case that you can start the course at a slightly later time.

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