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Breathing session with ice bath and the right mindset

"You are stronger than you think you are"

By: Ron ten Voorde

Date: 29 October
Location: Dojo Sports Centre UT
Time: 15.00-17.00h
Language: English

Breathing coach Ron ten Voorde invites you to this workshop under his professional supervision, at the Sports Center of the University of Twente. A breathing session and ice bath supported by the right mindset is also called 'the new meditation'. The combined method allows you to regain your strength, find balance, strengthen physically and mentally, boost your immune system and make you feel better than ever!

Ron ten Voorde is owner of Yogateaching and yoga teacher at the Sports Center UT. Ron works at the ice bath training with a health certificate. In this way participants can consciously determine in advance whether the physical and mental condition is sufficient for participation. This document will be sent in advance and must be signed and taken to the training.

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