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Duration experiments

Duration experiments

An informationcard duration experiment is a card that gives information intended for the security and inhouse emergency and first-aid service workers. The card informs about service equipment which is in use after working hours (at night and during weekends). The card is placed at the entrance of a room where the duration experiment is carried out.
The card is completed by the researcher responsible for the experiment and for approval (initialed) submitted to the health and safety contact person (occupational health and environmental coordinator, safety coordinator, etc.) of the chair.

The contact person ensures that:

  1. The card is properly completed in consultation with the relevant examiner;
  2. The card is placed on the door of the specific room;
  3. The card is removed immediately after the termination of the duration experiment.

Definition duration experiment

An duration experiment is:

  1. An experiment of several days, partly unattended, in which is made use of equipment which is not constructed for continuous (and partly unattended) use in a test environment. Eg. a rudder machine which is used to continuously stirring into a solution.
  2. An experimental setup, usually assembled from several components such as vacuum pumps, heaters, lasers, process monitoring and measuring equipment intended to work for several days, partly unattended in company.

The informationcard duration experiment is shown on the next page.

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Informationcard duration experiment