Health Week and health check

Health Check 10 January - 3 February 2017

Please note that the Health Check is only possible for employees by year of birth 1974 up to 1964. Attendees received a personal invitation at the beginning of december. Registration is closed.


As part of the Gezond en Sterk op het Werk project, the UT is this year offering the Health Check to staff whose year of birth is 1964 through 1974. The Health Check will be carried out in the Sports Centre by UT FIT in partnership with Topvorm Twente (sports) physiotherapy practice. This letter contains further information about the Health Check. Registration is open until the end of Wednesday 4 January 2017.


The Health Check can identify potential health risks at an early stage. If you participate, it is worth bearing in mind that the check only provides a random indication of your health; the Health Check identifies health issues or risks at that time, but does not offer a prognosis of your future health.


Prior to your appointment you need to complete a questionnaire with general questions about your health. In addition, we ask you to complete a questionnaire that evaluates your mental health. This unique part of the UT health check was developed in collaboration with the Department of psychology, health and technology at UT whose expertise is on promoting mental health.

The appointment for the Health Check lasts 75 minutes. During the physical examination, your physical fitness and condition will be assessed. The examination is followed by a consultation with a doctor. You can register for follow-up interventions if desired.

The Health Check consists of the following elements:

Biometrics (carried out by a doctor):

Blood pressure;

Heart rate;

Listening to your heart and lungs;

Blood test (cholesterol/glucose);

Urine test (glucose/protein);

Body fat measurement (using a skin fold calliper);

Abdominal girth;

Body Mass Index;

Resting ECG (electrocardiogram);

Physiofit test (carried out by a physical therapist from Topvorm Twente)
Astrand Test (bicycle fitness test);
Grip strength test.

Consultation (with a doctor):
Discussion of the results and any follow-up interventions.


The Health Checks take place from Tuesday 10 January through Friday 3 February 2017. The Health Checks will be conducted on campus in the Sports Centre, Drienerlolaan 5 (Building 49). Prior to your appointment, you can sign in to the Service Desk.


You can register via the website until the end of Wednesday 4 January. Available time slots are shown on the registration page. In previous years, all available time slots were filled, we therefore recommend that you register in a timely manner. You will receive email confirmation after registration. This will include an invitation for a diary appointment, once you confirm this appointment, it automatically appears in your UT outlook diary.

If you are unable to register, send an email to You will then be placed on a waiting list and informed as soon as an appointment becomes available. Registration is closed.


Participants will receive an email with all the information relevant to the appointment at least 1 week before the Health Check. Amongst others, what you should bring, what you need to consider in advance and what to do if you are delayed. Please filling out the attached questionnaire and bring it to your appointment.


The Health Check results are confidential and will be treated as such. They are governed by medical confidentiality regulations. The Health Check results will be provided to the UT in the form of a collective report. Individual results are not shared and you will receive these personally in the form of a report after your consultation.

If you have any questions after reading this letter, please contact Wilma Meijerink and Ingrid Bosscha of the Gezond en Sterk op het Werk team. They can be reached via

We hope you take advantage of our offer!

With kind regards,

Sandra Konter

Interim Head of Safety, Health & Environment