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Commuting travel allowance and reimbursement of moving expenses

Working from home means that you probably do not incur travel expenses at the moment. We have listed any consequences for each arrangement below.

Fixed commuting travel allowances

For the time being fixed travel allowances for commuting, including the ones that have been arranged through the individual choice model of employment conditions, will remain unchanged. Your commuting travel allowance will still be paid out every month. If anything changes, we will inform you.

Temporary contract - Travel expenses daily commute using the NS Business Card

Are you on a temporary contract and do you live more than 25 kilometres from Campus or the ITC building? Then you are most likely entitled to use the NS Business Card for your daily commute.

A mobility plan has been in force since 1 September. The document advises all UT staff to avoid public transport as much as possible when they have to come to UT. As a result, it has been decided that staff who would otherwise use their NS Business Cards to travel to the university, may now claim kilometres for their commute by car from 1 September until 31 December 2020. If you wish to sign up for this scheme then please contact the HR department of your faculty or service department. This is because in order for your claims to be processed, the web application ‘expense statement for commuter travel’ has to be switched on for you.


The following conditions apply to the temporary measure:

·         The reimbursement may only be claimed by the driver of the vehicle. Carpoolers may not submit kilometre claims.

·         Staff members can submit their ‘travel expenses for daily commute’ claims at €0.19 cent per kilometre.

·         When staff members choose to claim kilometres for their daily commutes then the NS Business Card will no longer be available to them. Until this scheme ends, members of staff will have to choose between claiming kilometres or using their NS Business Cards.

·         Compensation for commutes amounts to a maximum of the cost of second-class travel by public transport.

·         The compensation for commutes between place of residence and temporary housing amounts to a maximum of €400 per month.

·         If you do not submit your claim within 6 months, your entitlement to this allowance will lapse.

·         For now this only applies to the period between 1 September 2020 (launch of mobility plan) and 31 December 2020. At the end of the year we will review if an extension is needed in 2021.

·         NS subscriptions would have to be cancelled.

Please note: should any new fiscal measures be implemented during this period (for example a reimbursement for working from home or other forms of tax-free compensation) then these may affect the agreements in this document and the scheme may be revised.


Declarations can only be made for costs actually incurred. If you no longer commute to UT, you will no longer be able to declare any costs.

NS products

NS products registered to the NS Business Cards are frozen for as long as employees do not travel. As soon as it is reused, the subscription will be activated again. If you still travel occasionally for your work at the UT and use your NS-Business Card, we ask you to consult with your supervisor or your HR advisor of your faculty or service whether it is possible to change your subscription or stop to save costs.

Reimbursement of moving expenses

The tax-free reimbursement of moving expenses applies to employees who move to a new house within two years of starting employment at UT. If you had planned to move, but cannot do so in the current situation, the opportunity to be reimbursed for moving expenses may expire. UT does not offer compensation for this.