Following a study, training programme or course can be an important impetus to the development of your career. The University of Twente has a Training Programme Scheme University of Twente. The idea behind this is that a faculty or service department should spend at least two percent of the total wages and salaries on training and development of its staff members.

Doing a course on instruction

If your immediate superior instructs you to do a course, you are obliged to do this and are entitled to study leave and compensation of study costs. Study leave is at any rate granted for attending lectures and participating in examinations. Study costs, such as course and examination fees and the purchase of study material, are fully compensated. Travelling and accommodation costs are also compensated, in accordance with the Compensation Scheme Business Trips University of Twente. Your faculty or service department can also decide to make available more generous facilities in the sense of time or money, for example if the lectures are held outside working hours.

Doing a course on request

You, too, can submit a request for compensation of study time and/or costs to the administrator of your faculty or service department at all times. This can be for a training programme in the context of your present job or a training programme in the context of your further career. Your faculty or service department subsequently assesses whether or not you receive a compensation for study time and costs. A personal development plan may be useful in fitting in and making a reasonable case for the training programme of your choice. If the faculty or service department consents to your choice, it is advisable to lay down together the mutual rights and obligations in a study contract.