The UT actively promotes internationalization, as a result of which the English communication skills of UT staff are becoming increasingly important. To support the development and further improvement of these skills, a language policy has been in effect since 2005, which aims to improve the quality of English-language education at the UT. For that reason, English-teaching academic staff need to meet the C1/C2 language level (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), in keeping with the Dutch standard. The most important requirement is for teachers to be able to use the English language freely and confidently, so that the English language is not a stumbling block to conveying the subject matter.

The standard instrument for determining a teacher's English language proficiency is a class assessment which entails a staff member of UT Language Centre (UTLC) attending a teacher's English-taught lecture to gain an impression of their English communication skills. If, during the class assessment, it becomes clear that the teacher does not have a C1/C2-level command of the English language, the teacher will have to follow the advice given by the UT Language Centre and a suitable development programme will be set up in consultation with the teacher.

UT Language policy and styleguide

General information about the language policy and English styleguide is availble on the UT Language Centre website: