Basic qualification in education (BKO)

Very experienced teachers

At the UT, highly experienced teachers (having a University Job Classification (Universitair Functieordenen, UFO) as a teacher, lecturer, senior lecturer or professor) with more than twenty years experience in teaching were, in 2012, granted provisional exemption from obtaining the University Teaching Qualification (BKO certificate). Professors who are employed with the UT for less than eight hours a week may also be exempted from obtaining the UTQ certificate.

Extremely experienced teachers who decide to invest in obtaining their UTQ certificate on a voluntary basis are given the opportunity to do so in a short, limited period of time, as is the case with experienced teachers (see above). For more information, you can contact the Educational Services department (Dutch) or get in touch with the Educational Consultant for your faculty.

Are you currently discussing with your manager how to advance your professional development in education even further? Then why not go to the Centre for Training & Development website and take a look at the extensive range of professional development activities on offer at the UT.