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UTQ - University Teaching Qualification (or BKO in Dutch)

Dutch Universities have created a certificate of quality for university teaching staff. The University Teaching Qualification (UTQ, or BKO in Dutch) is evidence of the teaching skills and educational competences of teaching staff. UTQ provides uniformity both in the competencies which academic teaching staff must acquire and in how these competencies are tested.

UTQ and HR
All Dutch universities agreed to mutually recognize the University Teaching Qualification and made the UTQ part of their HR policy. The mutual recognition makes obtaining the UTQ career-wise interesting for anyone who provides education in higher education.

At the University of Twente, the UTQ is compulsory for all teaching staff: teachers, assistant professors, associate professors and professors. For more information about whom is expected to obtain an UTQ and in which exceptional situations a customized approach may be suitable.

For whom is the UTQ intended? Conditions, rules and exceptions:

All teaching staff (*) at the UT is obliged to achieve his/ her UTQ within 3 years after appointment. However, there are some exceptional situations that may ask for a customized approach:

  • Employees(*)  with a small sized appointment of <=0.2 FTE, are excluded from the UTQ obligation.
  • Employees(*)  who have less than 3 years to AOW (retirement) date, are excluded from the UTQ obligation.
  • Employees (*) that have little or no teaching activities are advised to contact the faculty CELT advisor.

(*) with ufo-profile: teacher; assistant professor; associate professor; or professor.

An UTQ exemption (vrijstelling)

By ‘exemption’ is meant ‘exemption from the obligation to acquire a UTQ certificate because the teacher possesses a comparable certificate or diploma’. It can be assumed that the teaching competences of teachers with an exemption are at an equivalent qualitative level to those of teachers who have acquired a UTQ certificate. More information about the exemption procedure at the UT you'll find here.

The university enables teaching staff to acquire the UTQ by providing support in the (further) development of teaching competences related to the UTQ. This support is provided by teaching specialists from the Center of Expertise in Learning and Teaching (CELT). Visit the CELT-UTQ website  for more information about support and contact persons.

UTQ & Rewarding Teaching achievements
To accommodate a culture of teaching excellence, the university has endorsed a teaching framework that articulates four levels of university teaching. The UTQ is linked to level 1, the effective teacher. More information about the teaching framework you'll find here.

UTQ & Continuous development
The UTQ is not only a test instrument but also a facilitation for teaching staff to learn and reflect on their teaching & learning skills. The UTQ is a starting point for ongoing development of the various facets of education. Examples of other professionalization activities on teaching & learning at the University of Teaching are the Senior Teaching Qualification SUTQ and the Educational Leadership Program.