All new members of staff (with a University Job Classification (Universitair Functieordenen, UFO) as teacher, lecturer, senior lecturer or professor) who provide scientific education to UT students are required to obtain the University Teaching Qualification (BKO certificate) within three years after commencement of employment. This applies to both permanent and temporary staff, either part-time or full-time.

The Educational Consultant for your faculty will guide you during this process in all matters concerning education. In addition, you can register for a UTQ two-day session during which you independently, but simultaneously with your colleagues, work on preparing your own portfolio. Last but not least, you can also choose to participate in various courses and training programmes, where an Educational Consultant will help you work intensively on your UTQ competencies.

New staff who have already gained teaching experience may, in consultation with the Educational Services department, be permitted to follow the procedure for experienced staff. For more information, go to the Educational Services department (Dutch) website or contact the Educational Consultant for your faculty.

Are you currently discussing with your manager how to advance your professional development in education even further? Then why not go to the Centre for Training & Development website and take a look at the extensive range of professional development activities on offer at the UT.