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Bachelor Honours programme: General Info Lunch Broaden your knowledge skills and network!

DO YOU WANT TO DEVELOP your knowledge, skills and network in a multidisciplinary community? Do you want to be challenged in ways beyond your regular curriculum?

The Bachelor Honours programme is a broadening programme of 30 EC in which ambitious and motivated students are challenged to enrich their knowledge, skills, attitude, cooperations, and experiences outside their own discipline. The programme starts every year in February and is open to the top 10% of students. In nearly 1.5 years, each student follows one of the multidisciplinary tracks in which they are encouraged to develop themselves in a setting comprised of passionate teachers and diverse students.

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Are you interested in participating in one of the Bachelor Honours tracks? Join our general info session or any of the other activities, open to all motivated first and second-year students:


Date & Time


Honours Mini Lectures

13/12/2021 18:15 - 20:15

Various buildings in the Ravelijn

Consultation Moments

On request between 13/12/2021 and 17/12/2021 

Online in Teams

Please note that registration for this session on-campus is no longer possible as we have reached our maximum capacity given the covid situation. You are most welcome to join our interactive live stream of the whole event through our Microsoft Teams Channel!